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The Talent Shortage is Real.....

It’s time to raise the bar and strengthen your organizations capabilities


  • Results from CSAW (Coalition for a Sustainable Agricultural Workforce) estimate the Global Ag   related workforce to grow by 6.3% while the pipeline of Plant Science, Plant Breeding      and Genetics and Plant Protection graduates isn't as full as it needs to be.

  • With a small pool of talent, and heavy competition you are likely to have difficulty hiring the    education and experience needed.  

  • Are you positioned to find, attract and retain the quality of candidates you need against  heavy competition? 


Augment Your Current Recruitment Efforts With Our Integrated Recruitment, Technology, Marketing and Selection Process Solutions 

 For Your Critical Hiring Needs   


  • We connect High Caliber Talent with Top Tier organizations.


  • We don't “post and pray” the right applicant will come along to get a butt in a seat. 

  • We will partner with your hiring managers, take the time to understand the business, the corporate culture as well as the culture of the team. 

  • We will source, headhunt and hire!
  • We will ensure positive candidate experience and exceptional customer service through the hiring process and beyond. 


Rare Find Strategies is made up of highly skilled headhunters, advanced sourcers and strong  strategists with extensive experience finding, attracting and retaining loyal, committed talent 

  • We are experts, and we know what it takes to hire top talent with the skills and qualifications required as well as a cultural fit within your organization.  

    Are you ready to win the war on talent?  Reach out to us for more information Here!